User Management under GST E-Invoicing system

Some of the taxpayers need to generate the Invoice reference numbers from multiple business places or in 2-3 shifts or large number of Invoice reference numbers under his account. Also, some of the users do not want to manage all the activities under one username or account. Under these circumstances, taxpayer may not be able to manage this with one user name and such taxpayers can use the user management option to create multiple sub-users and assign them different roles.

Figure : Options under User Management.

#1 Create Sub-User

The system enables the taxpayer to create a sub-user. Once the taxpayer clicks on the sub-option Create Sub userunder the option user management, the system asks the user to enter the mobile number and validates the same via the OTP. Once the correct OTP is entered the following screen is displayed.

Figure : Creating Sub-User.

In this form, the user can create the sub-user by entering a ‘suffix user id’ for the sub-user and shall check the availability of the user id. That is, if the tax payer’s username is ‘abcdef’ and he is giving suffix as ‘rvk’, then the sub-user id will be ‘abcdef_rvk’ is created.

Then the user needs to enter the name, destination, and mobile number, email id, enabling the user to generate the Invoice reference number for all the offices or for a particular office.

The user can authorize the sub-user to generate Invoice reference number, cancel invoice reference number and report generation of IRN. The system will pop up an error if the entered fields are incorrect otherwise the system will create a sub-user and send SMS pop up a message with the password to the sub-user.

#2 Freeze Sub-User

The system gives an option to the user to freeze the sub-user so that he cannot log in in the e-invoice system. Once the user selects ‘Freeze sub-user’ under the option user management the following screen is displayed.

Figure : Freezing Sub-User.

The user shall select the freeze button to freeze a sub-user. Once a sub-user is frozen, he/she won’t be able to

log in the E-invoice system.

#3 Update Sub-User

In the same manner, explained under chapter 7.1 create sub-user, a user can update a sub-user after successful validation of the OTP sent on users mobile by the system.

Figure : Update Sub-User.

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