Login into E-Invoice portal system under GST

To open or log in to the e-invoice system, the user should have registered in the e-invoice system or e-Way Bill system. The user has to open the e-invoice portal https://einvoice1-trial.nic.in/ and click on the Login option in the header. Next, user has to enter his username and password along with the displayed captcha code. On successful authentication, the system shows display the main menu of the e-invoicing System.

Figure 8: Logging into E-invoice System

Forgot Password

User can set a new password incase the previous password is forgotten.

Access the https://einvoice1-trial.nic.in/ URL, system will display the E-invoice home page. Click Login > Forgot Password option, system will redirect user to Forgot Password Page.

Next, user is required to enter the Username, GSTIN, CAPTCHA and the Registered Mobile Number. Once the above mentioned details are confirmed, user can click on Send OTP button.

Figure: Forgot Password

On successful verification, user can reset his password and can again access the e-invoice system.

Figure : Forgot Password

Forgot User Name

If the user of the e-invoice system has forgotten his/her username, the user has to click on Login Option on the landing page followed by the Forgot Username option, the system will redirect the user to Forgot Password Page.

User needs to enter the GSTIN and registered mobile number. On entry of his GSTIN and registered mobile number, the system will send the username to his mobile number through SMS.

Figure : Forgot Username.

If the details entered are not matching with the GSTIN data available in the system, the system pops up error message. If the tax payer has updated his details in GST Common Portal, but is not being reflected in the e- invoice system, he can select ‘Update details from GST Common Portal’. Now, the system pulls the latest data from the Common Portal and updates and he can try again the same so that he can get the SMS to his updated mobile.

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