ITC-04 Offline Tool

Who should fill GST ITC-04 form?

Manufacturer need to declare the details in ITC-04 in either or all the situations:

  • If the manufacturer is sending any goods(capital or input type) to a Job Worker
  • Job Worker sends back the goods to the manufacturer
  • Job Worker sends goods to another Job Worker
  • Job Worker sends goods out from his business premises to end customer.

This offline tool helps manufacturer to:

  • Prepare ITC-04 when offline (i.e. without Internet).
  • Upload bulk invoices/other details to GST portal.
  • Edit the generated file using import

How do I prepare the form when offline

    1. Download and prepare the ITC -04 form when offline. Download 


    • Before you extract and run the downloaded file, ensure that the file is not corrupted.

      How do I know if downloaded ITC04 zip file is not corrupt?

      Match one of the values provided in your downloaded file with the ones mentioned below. If there is an exact match, then your file is not corrupted. Else, download again.

      Where do I find the values?

      Windows : (Run from windows power shell)

      Get-FileHash <FilePath> -Algorithm SHA256;

      Eg: Get-FileHash C:\Users\Test\Downloads\ -Algorithm SHA256

      Your unique values:


    • Go through the Readme document before you begin installation.
    • Double-click on ITC-04 Offline Tool to open the offline tool.
  1. Edit the generated file using import option
  2. Prepare ITC-04 using excel when offline (i.e. without Internet).
  3. Generate the output file in .Json file format
  4. Using the output file, you can upload it in GST portal ( (when online, with internet)

Your downloaded (ITC-04 Offline Tool) zip file contains:

  • ITC04 excel
  • ReadMe
  • Release Note

System Requirement

To use the tool efficiently, ensure that you have the following installed on your system:

  1. Operating system  Windows 7 or above. The tool does not work on Linux and Mac.
  2. Browser: You need one of these browsers installed on your system.
    • Internet Explorer 10+
    • Google Chrome 49+
    • Firefox 45+
  3. Microsoft Excel 2007 & above
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