GST Rate & HSN Code for Pizza, Cake, Bread, Pasta & Waffles

GST Rates & HSN Code for Mix & Dough, Piza, Bread, Pasta, Waffles, Biscuits, Rusk, corn flakes & Waffles  Are Given below in table.

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HSN CODE EXIM Code Item name Rate
1900 19000000 Malt extract; food preparations of flour, groats, meal, starch or malt extract, not containing cocoa or containing less than 40% by weight of cocoa calculated on a totally defatted basis, not elsewhere specified or included; food preparations of goods of heading 0401 to 0404, not containing cocoa or containing less than 5% by weight of cocoa calculated on a totally deffatted basis not elsewhere specified or included, other than preparations for infant use put up for retail sale and mixes and doughs for the preparation of baker’s wares 28.00%
1901 19010000 Preparations for infant use, put up for retail sale 18.00%
1901 19010000 Mixes and doughs for preparation of bread, pastry and other baker’s wares 5.00%
1902 19020000 Pasta, whether or not cooked or stuffed (with meat or other substances) or otherwise prepared, such as spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, lasagne, gnocchi, ravioli, cannelloni; couscous, whether or not prepared. 18.00%
1902 19020000 Seviyan (vermicelli) 5.00%
1902 19021100 Pasta (uncooked; containing eggs) 18.00%
1902 19021900 Pasta (uncooked; not containing eggs) 18.00%
1902 19022000 Stuffed pasta 18.00%
1902 19023000 Other pasta 18.00%
1902 19024000 Couscous 18.00%
1903 19030000 Tapioca and substitutes therefor prepared from starch, in the form of flakes, grains, pearls, siftings or in similar forms. (sabudana) 5.00%
1904 19040000 Puffed rice, commonly known as Muri, flattened or beaten rice, commonly known as Chira, parched rice, commonly known as khoi, parched paddy or rice coated with sugar or gur, commonly known as Murki NIL
1904 19041000 Corn flakes, bulgar wheat, prepared foods obtained from cerealflakes 18.00%
1904 19041010 Corn flakes 18.00%
1904 19042000 Rice other than paddy NIL
1904 19049000 Prepared cereals in grain form (other than corm) 18.00%
1905 19050000 Pappad, by whatever name it is known except when served for consumption NIL
1905 19050000 Bread (branded or otherwise), except when served for consumption and pizza bread NIL
1905 19051000 Crisp bread NIL
1905 19052000 Ginger bread, other similar bakers’ wares NIL
1905 19053200 Waffles and wafers other than coated with chocolate or containing chocolate 18.00%
1905 19053200 Waffles and wafers coated with chocolate  28.00%
1905 19054000 Rusks, toasted bread, similar toasted products 5.00%
1905 19059010 Pastries and cakes 18.00%
1905 19059020 other than Biscuits 18.00%

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